Infinity Energy

Performance & Experience

Elegant Atmosphere Light, Tightness Adjustable, Industrial Grade Chip and More

Add-on to Your Interior

Dedicated chip for the vivid breath light to be built in the new 2nd generation IG-USB ports
decorate the interior and smoother for plug in/out

  • Infinity Energy

  • Infinity Energy

  • Infinity Energy

  • Infinity Energy


Tightness Adjustable

Screw shape designed side dots, the tightness can be simply turned by using the male port

Compatible for more Sockets

Standard cigarette lighter socket with built in spring
Power only socket have no spring inside

Standard socket

Power only socket

Scratch Resistance

The alloy and plastic parts were all processed with coating technique to increase its toughness, new appearance long lasting

Industrial Grade Chip

AEC Q100 Qualified high performance chip inside

Efficiency/Output: 30mins load
Input Voltage: 12V/24V/36V; Danger Voltage: 40V

Temperature Increase(℃)/Output: Environment Temp: 25℃;
30mins load, min-temp: -40℃,max-temp: 125℃

Key Specs


Wide input voltage range, compatible for 12V and 24V(even 36V) powered petrol, diesel, electricity and hybrid vehicles


Chip max output 25Watt, 5V@5Amp
EMI safe max output 18W, 5V@3.6Amp


Smartly identify connected devices and auto-switch to their most fit charging model respectively