Inner Glow Pro

New Classic with super Performance

Gold-plated conductor with 2nd generation IG-USB ports, 4A(20Watt) output Powerful Charger

Gold-Plated Conductor
Low resistance, anti-oxidation, Powerful performance from the beginning to the end

2nd Gen IG-USB ports

Smoother,Smaller and Transparent

1st Gen IG-USB ports

Transparent material with extra translucency

2nd Gen IG-USB ports

Smoother for plug in/out and 30% smaller

High Efficiency

Compatible for 12V and 24V powered petrol, diesel, electricity and hybrid vehicles

Efficiency/Output: 30mins load
Input Voltage: 12V/24V/36V;

Temperature Increase(℃)/Output: Environment Temp: 25℃;
30mins load, min-temp: -35℃,max-temp: 115℃

주요 제원


휘발유, 디젤, 전기, 하이브리드 차량에 제공할 수 있는 폭넓은 전압 범위, 12 볼트에서 24볼트까지 호환됩니다.


Max output 20W, 5V@4.0Amp


스마트하게 연결되는 기기를 인식하고 가장 충전이 급한 기기를 자동 스위치를 통해 순차적으로 충전합니다