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No.536 Shenhui Road, Longgang District
Shenzhen, China.
Postcode: 518116
Tel for Customer Services:+86 400-7722-880
Tel for Business: +86 135-9012-0992

주소: 부산시 동래구 명륜동 100번지 명륜2차아이파크 107-302, 한국
우편번호: 47759
전화번호: +82-010-9052-0688

About USbright

USbright Technology started in November, 2011. Based on our rich experience of manufacturing and power adapter development, we firstly introduced the patented Inner Glow USB charger in 2012.
Thanks to the research that carried by Loughborough University, we have opportunities to approach international level knowledge towards New Product Development, therefore we are able to produce international quality New Products.
New investments were made on technological development such as digital image processing and wireless technology;


—Enjoyable Journey—

A desirable and aesthetic appearance is the best container of increased efficiency and up-to-date technology. We never neglect details nor despise tiny changes that matter the enjoyment on your journey of driving, journey of life.